Our Wines

"CRYSTALITIS" (white wine) from the Greek variety Rhodites.

Region of vines: Rachi – Agios Charalambos

Winemaker's Notes

• Standard white wine making with controlled fermentation in new stainless steel tanks.

• The careful selection of grapes and the special production process ensure the taste, aroma and freshness down to the last glass.

• Also they secure a full body, a pleasant unctuousness and a perfect aromatic aftertaste.

• The wine has a soft green yellow color with a tantalizing clarity •

Its taste is rich, refreshing, with excellent balance, pleasant acidity and an aromatic aftertaste that brings flowers and citrus to mind.

• Enjoy it with crustaceans, fish, white meats, foods cooked with white sauces, light cheeses and fruit.

"CRESENTO" (red wine) made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Mavrodafne and Cinsault.

Region of Vines: Belades – Kapela.

Winemaker's Notes

• Special production process of filtering and stabilizing that secures a vibrant red color, a plethoric and intense taste with a plentiful body, good structure and a strong presence of tannins.

• Soft and full taste with a rich body, a clean aroma of small red fruits (like cherries and berries) and caramel, as well as a note of spices at the finish.

• Enjoy it with pasta in light red sauce, meats cooked with fruit (like prunes or quinces), yellow cheeses, cold cuts, snacks and fruit.

"VEGGERA" (red wine) from Cabernet Sauvignon

Region of vines: Belades

Winemaker's Notes

• Made from the most popular red variety that started in the region of Bordeaux and successfully expanded worldwide.

• It is a typical wine of this variety with a plethoric and intense taste with a rich body and a strong presence of tannins that give it a long aftertaste

• The winemaking process secures an impressive deep red color with a rich bouquet of ripe red fruit, an intense character and long lasting aftertaste.

• It is a balanced wine with aromas of dried figs and prunes with a background of pepper and vanilla.

• It is best served at 16-18 ºC (60-64 ºF) and accompanies red meat dishes with strong flavors and yellow aromatic cheeses as well as meat dishes with vegetables and sweet sauces.